15 GUIDES to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly MORE

We’re always looking for fitter ways to take care of our planet. Recycling your plastics and cardboard can only go so far, unfortunately. There are lots of other ways that we can advice the world around US and much of it begins inside the walls of your home.

Let’s explore 15 unique ways you can make your home a little bit greener! It’s important to remember that on their own each day, these changes may seem such as they aren’t having an impact. But throughout time, the cumulative impact of making these tips regular practice each day ends up being very positive.

How to Make a Greener Home?

1. Make a Compost Bin

Make a Compost Bin

You can easily make a compost bin of your own by using this easy tutorial. It requires only an old large trash can and a few household tools. This simple change can keep a good amount of waste from going into the landfills and have it back into the environment appropriately instead.

2. Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists

There are probably some catalogs and newsletters you receive that you no longer in need of. Give the company a call and stop wasting all of that paper!

3. Take Electronic Notes

You might not realize how many scraps of paper you’re wasting by making lists or scribbling notes on them. An earth-friendly alternative is to take these notes on an app or on your computer. Wunderlist is a great tool for making to-do or grocery lists!

4. Repurpose Your Old Clothes

Instead of tossing your old clothes in the trash, make something new out of them. You can create anything from household rags to a tote bag. Maybe you can even come up with a few ideas of your own. Check out Elvis & Kresse for inspiration.

5. Use Cloth Napkins

Use Cloth Napkins

You can buy handkerchiefs from the thrift store and use them in place of paper napkins at the dinner table or with your lunch. If you don’t want to reuse handkerchiefs, you can buy fabric squares at the craft store and cut them down to the right size!

6. Reuse Glass Jars and Containers

When you finish a jar of pasta sauce, you don’t have to throw it in the trash. A good run through the dishwasher will turn any old jar into a perfectly reusable one. Use it for leftovers, to hold your own sauce or to serve your friends drinks!

7. Clean Up Your Cleaning Routine

Many of the chemicals found in traditional cleaning supplies can be dangerous to you and your family. They also aren’t great for the environment. You can replace most household cleaning with supplies such as vinegar, baking soda, and Borax with greener alternatives.

8. Cut Out Meat Once Per Week

The livestock industry has a tremendous effect on the environment. Avoiding meat for a single day each week will have a tremendous cumulative effect on our environment. Skip more meat days for an even bigger impact!

9. Invest in Thermal Shades

Thermal shades are designed to work better at keeping the sun out. They then keep the warmth in throughout the winter months, allowing you to save on energy needed to heat your home. View more design of our townhouses (thiết kế nhà phố), villas (thiết kế biệt thự) and partners at DOLANHA.Com. As an added bonus, you’ll even save some money on your monthly bill!

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10. Switch to Unscented Soaps

As you rinse your soap down the drain, the fragrances can cause harm to the ecosystem. An easy fix is unscented soaps. If you can’t go without the nice smell, you can try soaps scented with essential oils, which are more natural and less harmful to our planet.

11. Sign Up for E-Bills

Many utility companies offer e-billing instead of paper billing. Paying your bills online will save you time and reduce paper waste too. Some companies will even offer discounts for setting up online automatic payments!

12. Try Natural Bug Repellents

The bug sprays that you might place on your body or around your house can contain harmful chemicals. Try lavender essential oils for a safer and more eco-friendly option.

13. Collect Rain in a Rain Barrel

If you in need of water for your flowers and have the space outdoors, collect water in a rain barrel. This cuts back on your water bills and allows you to use these natural resources responsibly.

14. Switch to Dryer Balls

Instead of using a dryer sheet one time and then throwing it away, give dryer balls a try. They can last years before they need to be replaced. Many are made from eco-friendly materials too!

15. Find a Second Life for Those Mismatched Socks

Somehow, we always end up losing one of our socks and not the other. Instead of tossing those away, find an innovative use for them. In need of some help? You can make dryer balls out of your old socks with this handy tip.

An added bonus of going green is that you get to save yourself a lot of money while also feeling comfortable with your decisions. Many of these eco-friendly switches can be done with little to no added expense to you. Saving money and reducing your waste go hand in han.

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