Eco-friendly apartment design is not only good for the environment, bringing people closer to nature, but it also saves you money. This is because designers often use renewable resources to save water and energy, which does not harm the environment. Eco-friendly apartments help limit carbon emissions, increase the use value of the house and naturally limit the loss for your bank account.

Main doors and windows

In eco-friendly apartments, the main door and windows are often placed in positions that allow them to lead the natural light into the room. They also help the room’s heat escape. You can choose front and window doors with durable wood materials or environmentally friendly and recyclable materials such as bamboo.

Choose natural plaster and wall tiles

First, find out what materials can be used for an eco-friendly apartment. They can chemicals, biodegradable substances or natural sources.

However, instead of using wall cladding such as PVC vinyl that can release toxins while being unable to reuse or decompose, the choice of wood, aluminum or other types of natural biodegradable mortar will be optimal.
Electromagnetic natural energy
Solar panels are the optimal choice for utilizing limitless resources from nature. The design of using energy panels is increasingly popular to help reduce energy consumption and renewable for use. These panels only cost an initial installation. They are very effective, whereby the value of your home will increase and reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Greening the floor

A great idea to turn your living space green is trying to use bamboo materials to make floors. In ecological designs, bamboo is considered as a popular, durable material like oak. However, bamboo material is faster to regenerate and has a higher strength compared to oak. Using bamboo to replace traditional natural wood floor may be a good idea for your eco-friendly house.

Roofing with green materials

Most homeowners must replace their home roofs during its life, depending on the density of sunlight exposure, rain, wind, cold and sometimes hail. For eco-friendly apartments, you should use roofs made of natural or recycled materials such as heat-resistant aluminum with high durability and permanent re-use.

houses can cover the roof with vegetation separated by a waterproof

Even some houses can cover the roof with vegetation separated by a waterproof membrane to make the accommodation more friendly with the environment.

Use wall paint from natural materials

Currently, the paints on the market are mostly toxic chemicals, so replacing them with eco-friendly paints is essential for eco-friendly apartments. You can use paints with volatile organic compounds such as VOC, low-VOC, and zero-VOC. Natural paints are extracted from vegetable oils and minerals, which very environmentally friendly and safe for users.

Keep away from PVC

PVC is a plastic compound that harms both the environment and people. Stop using it for plumbing and other household items. Instead, use clay and ceramics for underground, zinc or galvanized steel pipes and aluminum as an option for on-ground pipelines.
Smart home using eco-friendly energy
With smart villa design, an apartment in Berlin (Germany) can produce more energy than the consumption of people living inside the house. This kind of energy is even enough to charge the car of the whole family.
As a result of cooperation between two interior design companies, GRAFT villas and BuroHappold construction company, this apartment is rated as “future design” thanks to its sustainability and environmental friendliness. Equipped with the most advanced technology, this smart apartment is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very effective in terms of flexibility and health benefits for its owners.

The interior design philosophy is a combination of three elements including high energy efficiency

The interior design philosophy is a combination of three elements including high energy efficiency, flexibility, and eco-friendliness. This cleverly designed home is built with materials in nature and materials. The photovoltaic panels of the house are installed above the roof, which produces enough energy to meet all the needs of home power consumption. The house always has natural light. The interior design is simple but modern and harmonious to every detail
Above are some features that standard eco-friendly apartments should have.
In Vietnam, you can find these amazing environmentally friendly houses in some urban areas such as Waterpoint Nam Long, Akari City, Lakeview City, etc.
Hope with the information above, you now can understand what is needed for your dream eco-friendly house!