Laser treatment of melasma

Melasma is a dark skin discoloration caused by excessive melanin found predominantly in women, mostly on sun-exposed areas like cheeks, nose, forehead,…

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It’s a very common skin disorder that can be effectively treated with Q-Switched laser and Nd: YAG laser mode in laser technologies such as Fotona, Laser Revlite, IPL and Mesotherapy – is gentle alternative for the methods treating melisma a-t Paragon Laser and Aesthetic Center.

Why do I have melasma?

Those most affected by this skin disorder are women with medium to darker skin tones. Women experiencing hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy, or while taking contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapy, have this skin condition too. The risk is even higher for those over-exposed to sunlight, or whose skin has suffered chronic irritation from external sources such as chemicals, abrasion and waxing.

What can you expect from treatment regimens of melasma by laser?

Laser treatment of melasma is a safe, effective and non – hurting treatment method.

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Laser toning is a type of ablative treatment therefore it causes no harms to your skin. It is what makes this method totally different from previous ones, which had affected other cells or skin areas in one way or another. One of the most successful laser treatment technologies using Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser is Laser Revlite. Laser Revlite is currently considered to be the most dominant laser technology in terms of melasma treatment. Providing 1064 nm and 532 nm laser wavelengths with specialized MultiLite Dye handles which are capable of enlarging wavelengths including 585 nm and 650nm, Laser RevLite provides flexibility that you need to target on color spectrum absorbed by the skin and broken by subsequent links.

Effectiveness and Comfort in Melasma Treatment at Paragon Laser and Aesthetic Center:

With the presence of exclusive PhotoAcoustic Technology PulseTM (PTP), RevLite SI is a unique energy – dispersing laser system which delivers narrow pulse width at high capacity with the purpose of efficiently eliminating unexpected pigments. Clinical studies point out that PTP mode achieves greater efficiency and enhances the comfort for patients in time of treatment as well as skin recovery.

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Before any treatment or decision to buy your treatment packages, doctors at Paragon Laser and Aesthetic Center will always help you understand your current skin problem from a cosmetic perspective, thereby explaining to you why you have those melasma problem and why it does not tend to get better, although you have tried many other treatments before.

At Paragon Laser and Aesthetic Center, we provide you with the most accurate information about the treatment technology and the level of success that each program we design for you will achieve in the future.

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The information and medical knowledge about post-treated skin care is also provided to help you control the best skin care problem.