Beyond Vegetarianism
Explores the varieties and psychology of idealistic diets which may lead to orthorexia nervosa, a syndrome of health and behavioral problems arising from rigid.
Can find every day the news on this page: Vegetarian news and a diary with all important events.
Vegetarian restaurants guide and directory of natural
Jewish Vegetarians of North America
Judaism, vegetarianism, jewish, vegetarian, animals, diet, environment, health, animal rights, Postville, kosher, slaughter, cruelty.
The Vegetarian Society
Recipes, nutrition basics, tips for beginning vegetarians, and links to local societies.
Vegetarian Pages
The Vegetarian Pages (incorporating the World Guide to Vegetarianism) will be relaunched. We are hoping the site will regain its value to the vegetarian.
Vegetarianism & Vegetarian Nutrition!
Provide you with relevant information regarding vegetarian nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
Vegetarianism in a Nutshell
Includes information on nutrition as well as useful links for those wanting to become vegetarian.